Bałtyk” Confectionery Industry has a long tradition, which dates back to the twenties twentieth century. Then in the Free City of Gdańsk during the vibrant economic movement arose three confectionery factory “Anglas”, “Baltic” and “Kosma”. In 1951, they were nationalized, and included in the “Bałtyk” Confectionery Industry Limited Company.

In 1991 the company became a joint company, in 1993 signed a joint venture agreement with the Finnish company “Fazer” and firstly it operated under the name “Bałtyk Chocolate” Limited Company, then “Fazer Polska” Limited Company, and since 2002 as “Cloetta Fazer Polska Limited Company. In 2005, establishments have been bought by a Polish company “Bomilla” from Wloclawek. The new owner returned to the traditional name and logo, creating “Bałtyk” Confectionery Industry Limited Company.

“Bałtyk” became part of the holding company “Bomilla” Limited and began to develop in accordance with one vision, common to both companies. In 2016 the consolidation process has been started to joint all companies in the holding. As a result of that process, since September 2016 “Bałtyk” has become a one and consistent company with three factories (one in Gdansk and two in Wloclawek). The factory in Gdansk is specialized in all chocolate products and the factories in Wloclawek are specialized in hard candies and dragees.

The company over many years of activity produced a wide range of products. In this way, it gained extensive experience in creating excellent recipes of sweets. It now has well-equipped factory and experienced personnel, engaged in the production of high quality products. “Bałtyk” products satisfy palates not only the Polish consumers, but also those of foreign countries, which are exported to the confectionery company.

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