About Us

“Bałtyk” Confectionery Industry is the largest and the most popular Chocolate Factory  in Pomerania, northern part of Poland. All chocolate products are based on our own recipes. We use both the richness of our traditions dating back to the beginning of the last century and the innovative solutions that we are currently developing. Thanks to that our products are characterized by a unique taste which suits the tastes of our sympathizers of both younger and older generations.

The most recent history of the company has started in 2005, when the “Bałtyk” became part of the holding company “Bomilla” Limited from Wlocławek and began to develop in accordance with one vision, common to both companies. In 2016 we have begun consolidation process of all companies in the holding. As a result of that process, since September 2016 “Bałtyk” has become a one and consistent company with three factories (one in Gdansk and two in Wloclawek). The factory in Gdansk is specialized in all chocolate products and the factories in Wloclawek are specialized in hard candies and dragees.
Establishments have a rich technology infrastructure and extensive machinery.

The mission of the organization is: “Friendly working environment, ethical home business, close cooperation and continuous development of the retail partners and focus on the implementation of the customer’s needs by providing high-quality product, giving joy of consumption.”

We carry out the mission by:

  • collaboration with trading partners, based on mutual trust and respect,
  • transparent and stable business,
  • transparent pricing policy,
  • continuous improvement of the competence of employees,
  • improving the efficiency of an integrated system of quality management, environment and security work.

The main aim of the organization is to satisfy our Customers. We satisfy their high demands by the care of the taste of our products, which we use in the manufacture of high quality raw materials.