95th Anniversary

95th Anniversary

Participation in several dozens of charity, sports, cultural and scientific events – this is how the our Chocolate Factory BALTIC (Pol. “Bałtyk”) celebrated the year of the company’s 95th anniversary.


“Baltic’s” traditions reaches the year of 1923. The beginnings of our company are the times of the Free City of Gdansk and the tragic war time and occupation. After the WW II the company experienced the processes of nationalization.  After regaining freedom and the advent of the new market economy “Baltic” was handed over to the foreign investor. In 2005 our chocolate factory was bought by Polish investors and now it is a 100% Polish capital company. The new Polish owners returned to the traditional name and logo, creating “Bałtyk” Confectionery Industry Limited Company. They reached for traditional recipes and production techniques. Also, many innovative solutions were introduced.

The company over many years of activity produced a wide range of products. In this way, it gained extensive experience in creating excellent recipes of sweets. It now has well-equipped factory and experienced personnel, engaged in the production of high quality products. “Bałtyk” products satisfy palates not only the Polish consumers, but also those of foreign countries, which are exported to the confectionery company.

In 2018, our Chocolate Factory “Bałtyk”, to celebrate its jubilee, took part in dozens of events, among which there were many charity events, sports competitions, cultural, scientific and educational events and chocolate festivals. To celebrate such an important anniversary we also organized a feast of Gdańsk sweets for the inhabitants of Gdańsk and tourists visiting our city. We have also took part in publishing an unique album “Sweet tales of Gdańsk” written by Mieczyslaw Abramowicz nad published by Kosycarz Foto Press.




Słodkie historie Gdańska 

 Czekoladowe opowieści w Galerii Sztuk Różnych półmaraton 3

 Bieg Europejski  Konrad Mickiewicz prezes ZPC BAŁTYK trzyma pierwsze tabliczki MALAJSKIEJ
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